Additel Corporation (USA)
Additel Corporation is one of the leading worldwide providers of process calibration tools.
Additel are dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and delivering the highest quality handheld test tools and portable calibrators for process and calibration industries. For many years Additel has successfully developed automated pressure calibrators, digital pressure test gauges, digital pressure calibrators, pressure test and calibration pumps, and multifunction process calibrators. Additel products are currently used in over 60 countries worldwide. Product quality and customer service along with innovative engineering have been our top priorities and will continue to be our guiding principles going forward. We are committed to customer satisfaction through quality products, competitive pricing, unmatched services/technical support and continued introduction of new and innovative products.
RIDGID tools are known the world over as industry-leading products that allow professionals like you to complete jobs more quickly and reliably.Millions of RIDGID tools go to work every day in plants, on construction sites and in countless other harsh environments.
Hese tools operate in extremes of heat and cold, withstand dirt and mud, and perform reliably day in and day out.

Nuova Fima (Italy)
Nuova Fima has been manufacturing Pressure & Temperature Instruments for more than 50 years. All components both for Mechanical & Electronic Instruments are produced on modern automated machinery, optimising costs & guaranteeing precision & the exact specification.
Pressure and Differential Pressure Gauges and switches including special Diaphragm type and accessory products like dampeners, needle valves, siphons, etc.


SOR is a global supplier of process instruments. They design, develop and manufacture the most reliable electronic and electromechanical level, pressure, temperature and flow switches and transmitters.
High accuracy Pressure, Diff Pressure, Level & Temperature Switches for Power, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical & Other applications.


OMAL S.P.A. (Italy)
Born as a manofacturer of pneumatic actuators, Omal S.p.A. has constantly updated its line of pruducts to meet the needs of a very complex and diverse clientele.
Omal currently offers an extensive range of valves and quarter-turn actuators.
Thanks to its flexibility and advanced tecnology Omal has always been ahead of the market and its needs.


Hirlekar Precision Instruments Private Limited

Hirlekar Precision make differential pressure instruments are based on magnetic coupling principal.  Indicating mechanism is isolated from the pressure chamber.  They are used across filters to indicate clogging in air, gas or fluid lines.  They are compact, cost effective and are available in 6 dial sizes.  Models with piston, convoluted diaphragms and rolling diaphragm, cover ranges from 25mm water column to 70 Kg/cm2 differential pressure.  One or two SPST & SPDT switching, liquid filling, follower pointer, special porting, calibration and mountings are available.

    DURAG GROUP (Germany)
Smart Solution for Combustion and Emission Incl. Ignition and Flme Sensors.

Complete Flame Monitoring System, High Energy Spark Ignitors, Compact Flame Monitor System,
Gas and Oil Fired Pilot Burners, Programming Units, Video Thermography System,
Optical Dust Concentration Monitors and Filters Monitors.
    YTC (Korea)
Technique is based on our experience in control valve over twenty years. With the experience, YTC built first Korean made positioner, volume booster, and position transmitter. After 10 years of YTC establishment, YTC are now serving domestic and overseas customers in more than 45 countries.
Electro Pneumatic Positioner, Pneumatic Pneumatic Positioner, Smart Positioner, Air Filter Regulator, Volume Booster, Lock Up Valve, Snap Acting Relay, Solenoid Valves.
    Continental Disc Corporation (USA)
Form 40 years, Continental Disc has manufactured rupture discs and other safety relief products to protect vessels, equipment, and systems from overpressure conditions.

Bursting / Rupture Discs,  Vent Panels and Frames, Sanitary Fitting Assembly / Ultra Low Pressure Rupture Discs.
    Groth Corporation (USA)
Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves, Pilot Operated Valves, Flame and Detonation Arresters, Emergency Relief Valves, Waste Gas Burners, Pressure Regulators and more have been protecting refineries, chemical processing plants and facilities with atmospheric, fixed-roof storage tanks for more than 50 years.
    Hy-Lok (Korea)
Hy-Lok is an industry leader in the fabrication and sale of high quality fluid system components, and supports a broad inventory of standard and non-standard valves, fittings, hoses, semiconductor components and hydraulic presetting tools.
Vlaves, Fittings, Hoses, Semiconductor Components, Hydraulic Presetting Tool.
    Valstone (Korea)
Pioneer in process equipments business has expanded the number of business capabilities and solutions. Depending upon your needs we can be the single-source supplier of this products evaluations and reliability solutions thereby reducing the total cost of process equipment ownership.

Control Valves for General Service, Control Valves for Severe Service, Including `OMEGA` Trim Valves, Control Chock Valves, V-Notch & Eccentic Ball Control Valves, Anti-Surge Valves, Pressure Regulating Valves.
    CLARCOR Air Filtration Products, Inc. (USA)
(CLC Air) was founded in 1964 and manufactures HVAC filtration products under the Airguard brand name. Since its founding, the Airguard brand of air filtration products has been providing the world with “Innovative Clean Air Solutions.”
Panel Filters, HEPA & Cleanroom Products, Antimicrobrial Filters, Specialty Media and Filters, Gas Phase Absorbers, Foremarket Products, Self Supported Pocket Filters, Paint Spray Booth Filters, Gas Turbine Intake Filters, Pleated Filters, Extended Surface Pocket Filter, Extended Surface Rigid Cell, Internally Supported Filters, Residential Air Filtration, Filter Media and Frames Automatic Roll Filter Media.
    ASCO Joucomatic neumatics (US & Europe)
With over 100 years experience, ASCO JOUCOMATIC NUMATICS is a leader in fluid power and fluid control markets.

Proportional Valves, 2/2 Solenoid Valve, 2/2 Pressure Operated Valves, 3/2 Solenoid Valve, 3/2 Pressure Operated Valves, 4/2, 5/2 & 5/3 Solenoid Valve, Special Service Valve, Explosion proof Solenoids, Solenoids, Coils & Accessories, Spool Valves Islands.

  FHF Funke+Huster Fernsig GmbH
Explosion Proof Signalling Devices And Communications Equipments.

Telephones, Acoustic Signalling Devices, Optical Signalling Devices, Fire Alarm Switches, Universal Key Set.

VEGA Grieshaber KG (Germany)
is a world-leading supplier of level, switching and pressure instrumentation.
Capacitance, Vibrating, non contact Radar and Ultrasonic instruments for level detection.

    ecom instruments GmbH
Explosion Proof
Mobile computing & Communications inside and outside potentially explosive areas, Measuring & calibration technology inside & outside potentially explosive areas, Portable hand lamps inside potentially explosive areas.

Inor Process AB (Sweden)
A world leader in the manufacture of signal transmitters.

In-Head 2-wire Transmitters, DIN-Rail 2-wire Transmitters ,
In-Head and DIN-Rail 3-wire Transmitters
DIN-Rail 4-wire Transmitters, Isolators & Isolation Transmitter
Alarm Units, Power Supply, Indicators.


Duon System Co.,Ltd. (Korea)
The AUTROL® Samrt Transmitters of Duon Systems are a microprocessors-basedsmart transmitters that features 2-wire digital communication with 4 to 20mA current loop and remote communication.
SMART Type Temperature, Pressure and Diff. Pressure Transmitters with "HART" protocol.


Tel-Tru Manufacturing (USA)
Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company is a World-Class manufacturer of bimetal thermometers, pressure gauges, and transmitters.

Bi-metal Thermometers, Inert Gas Filled Temperature Gauges with Capillary / thermowells.


Cesare Bonetti S.p.A. (Italy)
Products are sold worldwide under the trademarks.
"BONETTI®", "BONT®",  "CMI Pasquini®". and "WVE®"
Cesare Bonetti S.p.A. are manufacturer of glass and magnetic level gauges suitable for chemical, petrochemical and steam boiler applications.
Gate Valves, Globe Valve, Piston Valve, Forged Steel Ball Valve, Transparent Gauge Glass.

    ENOTEC GmbH Process and Environmental Measuring Technology.
ENOTEC, one of the world's leading suppliers of InSitu combustion instrumentation, guarantees fast and reliable measurement, also under adverse flue gas conditions as: aggressive flue gas with a high dust loading or in hazardous explosive atmospheres.
    Negele Messtechnik GmbH,
For more than 30 years, the NEGELE company, based in Egg an der Günz in southern Germany, has been developing and producing innovative sensors and products for process measuring and control in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our product range includes a wide range of sensors for measuring temperature, levels, limits, and pressure, and extends to analysis instrumentation, controllers, digital indicators and signal converters.
Process adaptation & fittings, Temperature measurement, Level measurement Limit measurement, Pressure measurement, Flow measurement, Conductivity measurement, Turbidity measurement, N-CONTROLS, N-TOOLS

CONFLOW s.p.a. (Italy)
Since 1976 Conflow has been providing solutions, products and services to control steam and thermovector fluids used in industrial processes and thermal exchange.

Control Valves UNIWORLD Series, Pneumatic and Electric Powered ON-OFF Valves, Pneumatic Valves HYGIENIC Series, Accessories for Pneumatic Valves, Reducing Pressure Valves, Process Instrumentation, Products Range GREENFIELD SRL, Devices for Industrial Plants, Devices for Safety Apllication.

    Safety Automation BMS - ESD Fire & Gas Detection (Italy)
Safety Systems (Gas Detection Systems, Burner Management Systems, Emergency Shoutdown Systems, Fire Fighting Systems, Burner ignition devices, Environmental process supervision sach as:
Burner management and control systems for heaters and utility boilers,
Flame monitoring and protection of burners, Burner ignition devices,
Emergency shut-down systems, Fire-fighting systems, Gas Detection Systems,
Electrical tracing systems, Environmental and process supervising.
    SIKA Dr. Siebert & Kühn GmbH & Co. KG,
100 Years of Measurement, Control & Calibration.

Temperature Controllers, Pipe Thermometers, Temperature Calibrators and Flow Switches.

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